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2FindMe GPS
This Service is available for the whole world except Egypt.
Temperature Monitor

Temperature Monitoring for Food Trucks

Refrigerated trucks carry food products from distribution points to restaurants and food service companies. Temperatures in the cargo area of refrigerated trucks are critical and must be maintained within a defined range in order to ensure that food delivered with high quality.


Fleet Management

Make Good Plans To Your Fleet With Grantee To Achieve Goals

By using 2FindMe you will simply put all sales operations on the map, that mean trucks & drivers & customers and routes all displayed on detailed maps.

2FindMe give you a deep view of your fleet operations minute by minute and a lot of activities reports.



2Findme For Schools

Increase employees and students safety

Actually we believe that nothing is more important for us than safety for your students and your drivers, so 2Findme software allows you to monitor your drivers’ behavior such as driving speed, stopping, driven kilometers and rapid acceleration and harsh breaking, so you can use this information to be able to evaluate divers performance and see problem driving habits and make comparison between drivers each other, to reach finally to the optimum safety level standard and quality.

Mobile Ready

2FindMe on your Mobile

2FindMe AVL is android application allow you to access all 2FindMe functionality from your mobile.

2FindMe AVL have a lot of features allow you to fully work and operate your fleet from your mobile.

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Why 2Findme AVL

2FindMe Mobile Features

The different advantages and features provided by 2Findme AVL “mobile version”, it makes 2findme more distinctive and suitable for market.

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2Findme For Family

Keep Your Family Safe

our children and our family are the most valuable person in our life and we can do everything we had in order to protect them from any danger, so 2Findme is designed to provide safety for all your family members, whether they are children or adults, and even for the elderly while they are outside the home, so You can easily see their location live on map if you lose them at anytime, also you can know their activities whether they walking or even they are standing, you can see detailed address (street name – the region – province – country), as you can receive alerts and notifications in case of they ask your help to them in case there is any risk.

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